summer song.
summer song.

you found yourself by his side
for years on end
in rain and hail, tears and blood
and scorn, you were his windbreak,
his shelter in the storm.

'playing with fire just gets you burns',
or so your ma used to tell you;
and you couldn’t help but agree
when you walked alongside him
and all felt is
heat, heat, heat.

you have become ships in the night -
always passing, never crossing,
you are sailors on the same sea
but the winds never shift for you,
and semaphore flags could never convey
the delicacy
of the words you left

aethernauts, 20,000 leagues

….there is a typo in lines. god damn it.

today i am all about this poem, after ‘the song of achilles’ by demicourf. absolutely beautiful writing. just putting it out there for those who might want to check it out! xx

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these are all the ways i know.

these are all the ways i know.

i have hundreds of kisses saved for you.

insp taken from this post (by fulmadz), stevebucky tags added by forladysif and written by captainfart

Anonymous asked: Could you do a Thor themed poem?

because i am lazy i killed two birds with one stone and combined this request with another recent ask and wrote balance xx



Anonymous asked: I adore your new poem, and I hope you're having a wonderful day!

thank you, and to you too!